Open Therapeutics facilitates and enables collaboration among life science researchers around the world!

There are highly qualified scientists everywhere. They want to collaborate. However, there is no comprehensive platform for them to do so - until now!

The Open Therapeutics Therapoid scientific ecosystem enables much more than just collaboration.

As a web platform for scientific collaboration Therapoid includes:

  1. Open technologies for advancing research and gaining publications,
  2. Funding to further develop open technologies,
  3. An asset exchange that hosts freely available equipment and supplies,
  4. A manuscript development process,
  5. A preprint server for hosting manuscripts.

Goals of Open Therapeutics include lowering technology and pharmaceutical costs, reducing the risks and time to develop life-saving therapies, and broadening markets for therapeutics, particularly for underserved populations around the world.

The Open Therapeutics Therapoid platform enables scientists to develop and publish research easily. Organizations with dormant and abandoned life science intellectual properties (IP) are encouraged to freely provide that IP to the community.

Therapoid?s simple tools enable more effective collaboration. Freely available technologies, assets, and funding, should lead to better therapeutics for patients everywhere.

The Therapoid platform is freely available to all scientists and researchers!

Therapoid integrates a novel pre-peer review process, preprint server for open access publishing, open data, artificial intelligence, and managing grant funds via blockchain, all into a unified crowdsourcing research ecosystem.

Researchers at non-profit and for-profit organizations are welcome to join, for free, and gain access to all of Therapoid?s unique features. There are no hurdles to join Therapoid, including no subscription or pay-wall.

In exchange for gaining access to funding, free technologies, and a collaborative manuscript development platform, adopting researchers need only agree to freely provide their progress back to the scientific community.

We deploy the open technologies under an open, copyleft license Copy Left — see our Terms Of Service for more information.

Therapoid is currently in pre-release. During this phase, should you wish to help us test the ecosystem, we welcome your interest! Register on the site and we will reach out to you.

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