Especially for economically challenged researchers and students, the award of ScienceCoins cryptocurrency for openly collaborating changes the way researchers gain credit for advancing knowledge. ScienceCoins can be thought of as the "bitcoin for science" and could experience a similar value growth.


Additionally, if you join now you will gain complimentary ScienceCoins for helping us refine Therapoid, which is an open science platform that provides a revolutionary way to collaborate.
In this one platform, researchers have access to:
  • Communicating your research
  • Gaining grant funding
  • Posting preprint papers
  • Accessing intellectual properties
  • Lab equipment
  • Mentor students
  • Career opportunities

fine print

Scientists using the Therapoid platform will never be charged to use it. Therapoid is open to all researchers, students, and citizen scientists in order to assist interdisciplinary collaboration. Spammers need not apply. They will be blocked. No personal information will be collected unless you authorize it, and even then, it will only be used to provide a better experience. Join now and become a leader in the open science and open access movements!

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If you think other qualified researchers would benefit from gaining economic value and professional opportunities, it is fine to share, and yes, we will provide you with additional ScienceCoins.