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The Philosophy of Therapoid


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Therapoid' free Therapoid open science platform enables responsible and socioeconomically diverse researchers and students around the world to collaborate.

All the sciences impact animal, human, and global health outcomes. This includes the impacts brought about by climate change. Our interdisciplinary approach supports achieving positive health outcomes for everyone.

Therapoid enables scientists and students to share research easily, while it also opens a path to develop untapped technologies. Simple to use tools enable more effective collaboration.


Therapoid starts with open discussion message boards. However, Therapoid also offers more! Once you are a member, you can go into your Profile and add new features to your experience. It is your choice what you see.

More broadly, Therapoid not only provides message boards, but also open technologies, grant funding, manuscript review (soon-to-be preprint server), knowledge center, and blockchain-based cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens (NFT) awards into a unified collaborative ecosystem.


We believe strongly that scientific collaboration free of constraints is paramount to promoting diversity in research and reducing the cost of healthcare while increasing availability.

At Therapoid, we pride ourselves on a core set of values that are aligned with our mission. These principles are the foundation that drives our everyday activities.

  • We believe strongly in mutual respect by all members of our community.
  • A greater proliferation of solutions can occur through open and transparent interactions.
  • We focus our entire effort on making a positive impact to the world’s community.
  • We believe passionately in interdisciplinary collaborations.

We are not against patents, copyrights, and trade secrets. Rather, we believe there is a parallel opportunity. Open science and open access provide opportunities that closed science does not. One great example is being seen in a public environment, which opens the development of a personal brand.

A DEEPER DIVE - the details

Therapoid freely provides the scientific community the Therapoid open science and open access publishing platform. Therapoid is designed for interdisciplinary applied and fundamental researchers and students from the Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM), Arts (STEAM), Humanities, Social Sciences, and Economy (SHAPE) philosophies.


As a first of its kind Web3.0 and decentralized science (DeSci) ecosystem, Therapoid puts scientists and students at the center of positively impacting human, animal, plant, and global environmental health outcomes. As such, Therapoid is poised to be the world’s largest think-tank.

When its members freely opt-in, they can gain access to a larger ecosystem that provides intellectual properties (IP), grant fundings, free equipment, manuscript review tool (soon-to-be a preprint server), knowledge content center, and career opportunities. As its members interact and create content, they gain Ethereum and layer two Polygon blockchain-based ScienceCoins cryptocurrency and non-fungible token (NFT) awards.

While its members use Therapoid.net they can also be seen by potential co-authors, grant funders, investors, recruiters for postdoctoral, gig, consulting, and employment opportunities. Therapoid members may also be visible to committees that award prizes such as Nobel, Fields, Turing, A.SK, Pulitzer, Kalinga, and L'Oréal-UNESCO.

To help reduce misinformation, the public is also welcome. Free usage of Therapoid is provided via a Creative Commons 4.0 ShareAlike (CC4.0 ShareAlike) license.

Therapoid acts similar to a not-for-profit and might be thought of as behaving as a United States Benefit Corporate (“B Corp”). This model enables us significant flexibility with more stakeholders while staying focused on doing “well by doing good”.

And to that, students and researcher that are working together within Therapoid will not be exploited. When the community members interact, create or submit content, and help make Therapoid more valuable, the members gain value back as a result.

Finally, using Therapoid gives members the ability to be seen. “BE OPEN. BE SEEN!