(Agence Ecofin) – The open science movement in Africa is a way to ensure scientific independence, but it is very little. To accelerate its implementation on the continent, 3 organizations have committed to raising awareness and training on the movement’s practices.

The Consortium of African Universities (AAU), Library of Science (PLOS) and Communication Training Center (TCC Africa) announced on Wednesday 30 March the signing of a partnership to raise awareness and provide training in open access science practices. Publishing in Africa.

This partnership will allow us to identify challenges to the adoption of open science, while at the same time supporting effective implementation. This partnership is further evidence of Al Ain University’s commitment to building the capacity of its members to integrate internationally accepted research and data management practices into their operations.”Said Professor Olusola Pandele Oyol (pictured), Secretary General of Al Ain University.

The objectives of this collaboration will be achieved primarily through regional capacity building workshops held across the continent.

The partnership will be officially launched on Thursday, May 26th. The virtual event will bring together presidents and vice presidents of universities, university presidents, research directors and libraries of African universities.

As a reminder, Open Science strives to make scientific data more accessible to everyone, especially online. Among other means, it uses online training or open data. The movement was conjured up fifteen years ago in Africa, and the movement remains in its initial phase. However, open science is a way for the continent to contribute to its scientific independence.